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Best Internet Leased Line  Service Provider in Delhi

Leased line is a dedicated data connection with a fixed bandwidth. Through this, small, medium and large businessmen rely on this type of connection. Because a leased line is a dedicated data connection that provides fixed bandwidth, and serves maximum download capacity, resilience and uptime.

How does it work?

A leased line is an allocated circuit between the two points of communication. Usually the leased line is rented or switched on a monthly basis. They are exclusive, allocated and dedicated. This signifies that the exclusive speed is for personal and business use. A leased connection establishes a continuous tunnel between the two communicating points, that helps the data flow a more continuous process.

To choose the best leased line connection one needs to focus on the area you reside. This will help you make the right choice. The top companies for leased line are:

  1. 1) Spectra: This connection provides static IPs, Guaranteed Uptime and 100% dedicated access.

Features of Spectra: This connection gives reliable connectivity, Future-proof business and also tailors according to your business. It comes with 20 Mbps internet speed with unlimited data volume.

  1. 2) TATA Tele: TATA Tele provides robust connectivity, manageability, security and provides its users with clear visibility of the network. Not only this, they also offer:
  • Fully managed services that are easy to install.
  • They offer increased productivity with the best in class uptime.
  • They provide dedicated and secure access to the internet on a high speed, steady and reliable connection.
  • Furthermore, they also provide DNS based Domain Name Service that protects against malicious content, online threats

  1. 3) Airtel: Airtel connection provides symmetric speeds that is 1:! upload/download speed.
  • They also provide its users with bandwidth options, that is the speed is available upto 1 Gbps.
  • They help with maximum security and managed firewall services and
  • Assured Reliability.
  1. 4) Nextra Communications: This focuses mainly for corporates and work from home enabled business. It comes with 100% Fiber-optic Network that speeds up to 1000 Mbps. A internet leased line with bandwidth for multiple devices.
  • They provide DDoS protection and manage firewalls with seamless connectivity.

Every connection fulfills different needs, and it depends on what your needs are with the internet. That is what you need the connection for.

leased line Connection Price

Every network has different prices according to the services that they promise:

MCX metal and Services:

Point-to-Point bandwidth capacity Annual Point to Point Leased Circuit Connectivity charges (Rs.)
10/20/30/40/45/75/100 Mbps 2,00,000
2 Mbps 75,000
1 Mbps 60,000

Spectra: Provides 20 Mbps Internet Speed with unlimited data volume and is starting at INR 15,833 billed per month.

Nextra Communications: It provides 1000 Mbps speed.

And if we talk about the common price at which a leased line is available then currently you can get a 100Mbps leased line for a price ranging from INR 30,000 to INR 50,000 per month + GST extra 18% (metro cities). Yes the prices differ in most cities and change according to the plan that you use and the duration. All these factors come into play when choosing the best network that will give good connectivity.

Complete Lease Line Solution

A leased line is a private telecommunications circuit between two or more locations provided according to a commercial contract. It is sometimes also known as a private circuit, and as a data line in the UK. Typically, leased lines are used by businesses to connect geographically distant offices

  • An interruption free wifi access for your home and professional use.
  • A high speed which is preferable for downloading and uploading.
  • No more fear of data consumption. Feel free to use as much data as you want.
  • It is suitable for both personal & professional tasks with 50% uploading speed of total speed.
  • Having an issue? Talk to our technicians directly without waiting.
  • We know how important your professional life is and we helps you in security of your data.

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