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PM Wani

What is PM-Wani?

Aim of the PM-WANI is straight as it allows people to use internet in public areas and explore everything they need.



PM WANI, an initiative towards the digitalization.

India is one of the biggest and fastest-growing digital consumer marketplaces. Technology is poised to quickly and drastically impact almost every area of India's economy as digital capabilities advance and connection becomes pervasive. That is likely to change the nature of work for tens of millions of Indians and generate enormous economic value.

Implementing in rural areas where connectivity is required

With the use of the Internet, education may be disseminated widely without being constrained by physical distance. The Internet can therefore aid in raising the literacy rate in rural areas where schools may be relatively far away. PM WANI is letting everyone use internet without any issue.

Internet in rural area
digital world

Connecting people with digital world

Although India is a largest and fastest growing marketplace for internet users, a large proportion of population is still unaware of the use of internet. Therefore, PM WANI aimed to connect these people with the world of digitalization.

PM WANI, an internet for everyone without any requirements

PM WANI allows people to use internet through a easiest possible way where a user doesn't need to choose an ISP or purchase a plan. Everyone can have the benefits of public accessible wifi.

public access wifi

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