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Static IP

Stay Same Over The Internet With Static IP

Get a unique identity on the internet through static IP. Secure Internet is offering static IP through VPN on any network. A static IP is completely opposite to the dynamic, you can simply use a same IP address whenever you go online. It is essential for those who don’t want different IP addresses for their computer.

Why Businesses Need Static IP Instead Of Dynamic IP?

Benefits of Static IP

  • Convenient Remote Access
  • Convenient Remote Access

    A static IP address can make it much simpler for staff to work remotely for companies that use a virtual private network (VPN) or other remote access solution.

  • Communication_Relia
  • Communication Reliability

    Using Audio over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for voice and video communications applications like teleconferencing is significantly simpler.

  • Server Hosting
  • Server Hosting

    A static IP address makes it simpler for customers and staff to find servers that a company hosts, such as web servers, email servers, or other internet servers, using the Domain Name System (DNS).

  • Improved DNS support
  • Improved DNS support

    Customers can locate a company’s websites and services more quickly and easily when they have a static IP address, which substantially simplifies the configuration and operation of DNS servers.

    Yes Your Business Requires Static IP Address But Still Confused?

    Secure internet has made it easier for you to get a static IP because we know how beneficial it is for your business. When services like weather forecasts or mapping programmers can quickly pinpoint the physical location of an IP address, they can give users more accurate data since they can deliver information specifically customized to their exact location rather than just a nearby city.